Heavy Tones for Heavy Players

Created by Jean Patton, guitarist, songwriter and creator(Project46/Comunidade do Riff), Pattones Tone Shop was created to offer guitar tones for the modern guitarist, in many formats and available technologies.

Patton is openly passionate about guitar tones and technology. He is an enthusiast of recording, production and mixing and in his YouTube videos, Jean creates guitar tones with plugins and pedalboards.

In addition to digital products, Patton makes its official merchandise available too.

  • 🎸 Comunidade do Riff

    "Comunidade do Riff" (Riff Community) is the 1st online platform in Brazil, 100% focused in the universe of RHYTHM METAL GUITAR 🔥

  • ▶️ YouTube Channel

    Content about music, gear, technology, guitar, metal, covers and more on Patton's Official YouTube Channel! 🤘

  • Twitch Jean Patton

    🔴 Twitch Live Streams

    Join Jean and Ana Carolina (his wife) in the Best Chat in Brazil! All Tuesdays & Fridays - 8:30pm LIVE on Twitch!