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GE150 - CHUG Tone Pack

GE150 - CHUG Tone Pack

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The "Mooer Ge150 CHUG Tone Pack" brings 04 patches developed by Jean Patton (Project46 / Comunidade do Riff) for those who like aggressiveness, weight and density, especially for modern metal. The patches (which have their own Marshall 4x12 IR) are inspired by bands like Meshuggah and Periphery.

Included Presets:
JP 5150 RHYTHM (Rhythm/Base)
JP ENGL RHYTHM (Rhythm/Base)
JP MARK LEAD (Lead/Solo)
JP AMB CLEAN (Clean/Clean)
*JP MS 4X12 (Impulse Response included)

OBS: For these tones, you must have the multi-effects Mooer GE150.


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🎛️ All presets can and/or should have their settings adjusted to your personal taste, pickups and application.

🎧 The presets were made to be used in the studio.


Here's how to load your presets:

- Neural DSP
- Amplitube 5
- Mooer GE150
- Mooer GE200
- Fractal Axe-Fx II

✉️ Any questions you can contact us via email


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