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GE200 - TIGHT Tone Pack

GE200 - TIGHT Tone Pack

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The "Mooer Ge200 TIGHT Tone Pack" brings 04 patches developed by Jean Patton (Project46 / Comunidade do Riff) for those who like high gain and definition to play metal. The patches (which have their own MESA 4x12 IR) are a fusion and inspired by Project46's tones.

Included Presets:
PATTON 5153 RT (Rhythm/Base)
PATTON 5153 LD (Lead/Solo with Wah)
PATTON CLEAN (Clean/Clean)
PATTON RADIO (Radio FX/Intro Style) 
*JP MESA 4x12 (Impulse Response included)

OBS: For these tones, you must have the multi-effects Mooer GE200.


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🎛️ All presets can and/or should have their settings adjusted to your personal taste, pickups and application.

🎧 The presets were made to be used in the studio.


Here's how to load your presets:

- Neural DSP
- Amplitube 5
- Mooer GE150
- Mooer GE200
- Fractal Axe-Fx II

✉️ Any questions you can contact us via email


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